Can Motorcycling Help You Lose Weight? Date: 17-Jun-2019

Can Motorcycling Help You Lose Weight?


By Justin Hughes


Weight loss fads are always changing. Carbs are good. Carbs are bad. Red meat is good. Red meat is bad. Plus, you can use statistics to back up any claim you want to make, whether it's true or not. We already know that motorcycling is good for you, but some say that riding can even help you lose weight. 

To say that motorcycling helps you lose weight goes against the stereotypical image of an older male Harley rider with a big gut, where the only six-pack involved is what he drinks when he reaches his destination (hopefully not before). As my own metabolism slows down with age, I've been taking a greater interest in what goes into my body as well as how to burn it effectively. The idea that motorcycling, which has already been my favorite activity for years, could help intrigued me.

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